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About us

We at Handigger is an innovative team to facilitate your gardening!

Handigger is a Swedish brand that guarantees quality, our products are manufactured in Sweden. Handigger is developed under hard work in the construction industry. After two years of testing, we rebuilt it to fit gardening for amateurs and professionals. Handigger is an ergonomic tool that has been developed so that people with atros and rheumatic pain can easily make use of handigger. We are constantly developing new innovations to facilitate gardening.
Our two collapsible greenhouses, one for indoor and one for outdoor cultivation, is practical when you are not using it, it folds up and does not take up any space at all. With the indoor greenhouse, we are developing a completely new system for growing indoors, in a partnership with Rölanda we have developed an ecologically clean soil from Swedish peat bogs to our greenhouse for a poison free cultivation. We also have plant fertilizer from Rölanda for the best of results.
We also found a really good garden glove to complement Handigger. As well as two different kinds of knee pads. Coming soon is our very own ”Garden Collection” for those of us who are a little bit older and want a little more room in your clothes.

Handigger is an ergonomic shovel friendly on wrists that saves a lot of time in the garden. Bucket earth toward you, not away from you, now that’s ergonomic!
Foldable greenhouse for indoor and outdoor, takes no space when not in use. Existing soil and nutrients from Rölunda make poison free growing easy and fun.
The gloves are designed to fit Handigger. Stylish design and durable, smooth leather on the inside. They protect against infections in wounds in the hands. Gloves are recommended for all contact with the ground because many bacteria thrive there. Knee pads both for gardening clothes and carbon ribbon shorts, save your knees from pain and problems in your old age.